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We have a mission to improve the lives of patients and their families through the development of innovative therapies for skin care, in the management of wounds. The aim is to provide health professionals involved in the treatment of dermatological conditions with effective and well-tolerated products. Curefini Ointment and Cream are the result of REV Pharma’s many years of commitment to research and development, in close collaboration with world opinion leaders and practicing healthcare professionals.

Both presentations have been used in clinical settings where the highly effective rehydration properties have been shown to be well tolerated in the care of a wide range of dermatological conditions such as acute and chronic wounds, venous stasis, neurotrophic and arterial ulcers in the lower extremities, diabetic foot, epidermolysis bullosa and other blistering wounds, second and third degree burns, eczema, psoriasis, acne, severe sunburn and others.

Curefini ointment and cream do not contain steroids or antibiotics. Their patented formulas are based on an optimal and synergistic combination of natural products that provide ideal conditions for natural healing.

Curefini: The origins of the name.

Fini was born in Argentina in 2011. A few days after she was born, she was diagnosed with Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a rare but very serious genetic connective tissue disorder. It includes extremely fragile skin blisters and tears with minor trauma or friction such as contact with any object, clothing, or even touch. It is known as the “butterfly skin” disease; sometimes it is mild and some other times it is very serious. Patients with it are often referred to as “butterfly babies.”

Fini’s diagnosis was devastating for her parents and caregivers. Doctors recommended a wide variety of products to treat her wounds and her pain, including the use of morphine and opioids especially when changing dressings. No product used in her wound care regimen worked. Fini’s quality of life and that of her loved ones suffered greatly.

When the R&D scientist and the pharmacists at Rev Pharma found out about the case they started to work. Fini has used Curefini Ointment to treat her recessive dystrophic EB wounds since 2011.

Many EB patients around the world use Curefini Ointment. A product recommended by DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association). 

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